FBI investigating 11 attacks on Bay Area Internet lines

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In an act that Wave Broadband—one of the victims of the most recent crime—deemed "coordinated," vandals cut three fiber-optic cables and disrupted Internet service for business and residential customers in Sacramento early Tuesday morning. The attack is the latest in 11 similar attacks the FBI is investigating, USA Today reports.


NBC Sacramento reported the cables were owned by Level 3 and Zayo, business-to-business Internet companies who connect providers like Wave to the broader Internet. And as Forbes points out, the attacks bring the safety of the country's Internet infrastructure into question:

Cutting these lines requires tools that penetrate a tough outer layer. According to Wuthrich, the acts happened in remote areas unmonitored by cameras, and perhaps by vandals dressed as utility workers who have accessed the underground vaults containing the cables.


No suspects have been identified.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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