Feels Fair That People Who Quit Trump’s Golf Club Will Probably Only See a Refund in the Afterlife

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Since Donald Trump was inaugurated, at least three golfers have quit their memberships at Trump National Doral in southern Florida. But according to the Miami Herald, those former members will probably never get their deposits back in this lifetime.

The newspaper estimated it will be 85 years before these members see their refunds. The Herald reported that in order to move up a spot on the list, four new members have to join.

The former members (who spoke to the paper anonymously) say they’re on a waiting list of more than 265 people to get back their deposits between $10,500 to $19,000. And the list is hardly moving.


A lawyer from the Trump Organization told a lawyer for five former members that 24 memberships have been refunded since 2012 and 2017, the Herald reported. Between December 2017 to January 2019, the Herald reported that “at most eight new members joined” based on the number of spots two former members moved up on the list.

“I have no faith. We’ll never see the money,” one former member told the Herald. “That’s why I don’t bother worrying about it.”