Feral demon cat tearing through New York suburb remains at large

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In sleepy Orangetown, New York, a suburb an hour north of New York City, a "sickly," feral cat is showing no mercy for its victims as it rampages through town. He's reportedly leaping from the darkness, chasing people through their yards, clawing, and biting their bodies, and then wobbling away menacingly, blood dripping from its mouth.


According to reports, no species is safe from its terror—the cat's pounced on everyone from humans to cats and all kinds of pets, according to the Orangetown PD. But the true scope of this cat's horror remains terrifyingly unknown. Via NBC New York:

Chris McKiernan was one of the cat's victims. He told NBC 4 New York Monday he and his family had just returned home from watching the Fourth of July fireworks in town when "out of nowhere, out of the darkness, came this black cat that just jumped and attached itself to me."

"I looked down and it was all over me," he said. "It was a little surreal."

The cat started scratching and biting him, and when McKiernan manged to pry the ferocious feline off him, the cat simply sat there and looked at him, growling and hissing.



McKiernan received "20 to 30" rabies shots following their showdown.

Another one of the cat's victims, Joe Saldano, told NBC New York (while sitting on a floaty toy in his pool) that he captured a photo of the cat sitting outside his door after he managed to escape.

"He leaped at me, and I kicked him. And he came again, I couldn't believe it. I kicked him again, like 10 feet," he told the TV station. "Then again he came. I kicked him across the patio three times."

Apparently, the cat stood menacingly at his front door for 10 minutes, waiting for Saldano to come out again for a second round. Here is the horrifying image he was able to capture:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The cat has yet to be captured.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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