FKA Twigs / YTMA
FKA Twigs / YTMA

In conjunction with the YouTube Music Awards, FKA twigs wrote, produced, and directed her latest video for "Glass & Patron." Though straying from convention is not new for twigs, the video is likely her most bizarre yet.


The clip begins with her choking herself (why?) and then running her super spiky nails over her realistically preggo tummy.  I thought for sure she was going to go Alien and tear her baby sac open with her claw, but luckily we're spared that indignity.


In a most violent home-birth, twigs yanks her own scarf baby from her uterus like a clown-trick and…

We're suddenly in a forest, with grown men tangled in said scarf.

What. Does. This. Mean?

After a long display of dudes with fully-formed biceps trying to escape the dainty scarf in the woods, we are transported to another part of the forest where a mirrored catwalk and a not-pregnant, tin-foil-wrapped FKA twigs await.


The rest of the video consists of single shots and group shots of vogue-ing — which does make sense, given twigs' experience as a backup dancer.


The video's weird, and the song isn't much easier to comprehend, with lyrics like:

Do you have a lighter?
Am I dancing sexy yet?
Are you watching me cause I move alone?

Look a little harder
Everything I hold is wet
And I've never tasted glass and patron


Here's the video so you can try to decode it for yourself:

Images via FKA twigs and YouTube Music Awards.

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