Flakka strikes again? A naked guy in Florida just climbed a 30-foot upright bridge

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Police and rescue units responded Friday morning to reports of a naked man who'd scaled a 30-foot drawbridge in Ft. Lauderdale.


So far no police reports have been released on the incident, which looked like this:

But given the location and the state of undress the fellow was found in, we're going to say the odds are good that he was on flakka, the synthetic stimulant that has swept South Florida.

Just last week, a naked, bloody 17-year-old girl screaming "I am Satan!" was arrested for charging at police officers. Police said her behavior was consistent with that of someone being high on flakka.


One month ago, a naked man confirmed high on flakka raced through a busy intersection in Ft. Lauderdale before being arrested.

And in February, a Florida man on flakka was arrested for brandishing a handgun while standing naked on his rooftop.


We recently told you how illicit Chinese drug labs have tapped into the demand for cheap drugs in South Florida, which continues to suffer from high homelessness, and thanks to the closure of its Oxycontin pill distributors, now hosts a large population of recovering drug addicts.

At a press conference last week, Broward County, Florida officials said they were redoubling their efforts to address the surge by collaborating with doctors, teachers and local religious leaders.


Looks like they may want to loop in clothes sellers too.

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