Florida added more people than California for the first time in nearly a decade

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Florida added more people than California between July 2014 and July 2015 for the first time in nearly a decade, new Census data show.


The Sunshine State added 365,703, pushing it past 20 million for the first time ever, while the Golden State added 352,527. Both trailed Texas, however, which added 490,036 during the period.

Florida was also the fifth-fastest-growing state in America during the period, growing 1.84%. Last year it surpassed New York to become America's third-largest state. Here's the list of the current fastest-growing states:

  1. North Dakota: 2.28%
  2. Colorado: 1.89%
  3. District of Columbia: 1.88%
  4. Nevada: 1.85%
  5. Florida: 1.84%
  6. Texas: 1.82%
  7. Utah: 1.75%
  8. Washington: 1.52%
  9. Arizona: 1.48%
  10. Oregon: 1.45%

Washington and Oregon were new entrants to the top 10, replacing Idaho and South Carolina. North Carolina didn't make the top-10 fastest-growing, but surpassed 10 million for the first time.

Nine states, meanwhile, lost population during the period: Illinois, West Virginia, Connecticut, Mississippi, Maine, Vermont, and New Mexico.

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