Florida Governor Rick Scott made a brutal attack video about the woman who criticized him at Starbucks

Cara Jennings isn't running for office, and neither is Florida Gov. Rick Scott. But she yelled at him in a Starbucks while someone was filming, and that makes her fair game.


After a video of the former Palm Beach County commissioner angrily confronting the governor over Florida's lack of Medicaid expansion was widely shared on YouTube, Scott's "Let's Get to Work" campaign decided to retaliate in kind with an attack ad on Jennings.

As we posted a transcript of Jennings' video last week, here's a transcript of Gov. Scott's video, which is titled "Latte Liberal Gets an Earful" (yes, really).

Male voiceover: You may have seen this video of a terribly rude woman at a coffee shop cursing and screaming at Gov. Scott.

Jennings: You're an asshole, you don't care about working people.


Jennings: A million jobs? Great! Who here has a great job?

Male voiceover: Well, that woman clearly has a problem. And it turns out that she's a former government official who refused to cite the Pledge of Allegiance and calls herself an anarchist. (chuckling) But never mind about that. Let's look at the substance of her question about "Who around here has a job?" She was at Starbucks in Gainesville. So let's look at who around her has a job. Since Rick Scott became governor, 9,300 new jobs have been added all in this area. In fact, unemployment here was cut in half.

Jennings: A million jobs? Great! Who here has a great job?

Male voiceover: Well, almost everybody. Except those who are sitting around coffee shops, demanding public assistance, surfing the internet and cursing at customers who come in.

Sounds like Rick Scott is not someone you want to cross before he's had his daily caffeine fix. With his current approval rating, his video team's gonna be really busy if they need to make videos for every Floridian that criticizes him.

Can't wait to see the attack ads Scott makes when someone does something really bad to him, like cut him off in traffic or not follow back on Twitter.