Florida Men Locked in Bitter Feud to Be Trump's Best Boy

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The Democrats might be a mess, but for petty drama look no further than the Matt Gaetz-Rick Scott feud, filled with deceit, betrayal, and two racist idiots.

The battle for Top Florida Man, which made news last month amid Scott’s other feud with his successor Gov. Rick DeSantis, bubbled to another boil last week when Scott decried Gaetz’s tweet appearing to threaten Michael Cohen before the former Trump lawyer’s testimony to Congress, according to Politico.


Scott called Gaetz’s actions “wrong” and “disgusting,” getting his shots in amid a Florida Bar investigation into Gaetz’s Cohen tweet and re-energizing a feud that began years before Gaetz was elected to Congress, when Scott lobbied against Gaetz’s father Don, former president of the Florida Senate, getting the top job at the University of West Florida.

And now the two Floridians are duking it out for Donald Trump’s affections and attention, with Politico reporting Monday night on a blow-out on Air Force One last summer (emphasis mine):

At times, the two have been able to put their differences aside in the company of the president, with whom they flew on Air Force One to a Tampa rally for DeSantis in July.

While aboard the plane, Gaetz said, Scott was “fumbling through his asks” of the president after opening a large notebook titled “Issues to Discuss with the President on Air Force One” that was filled with maps and engineering drawings of Lake Okeechobee and materials concerning other water-related issues important to Florida.

“The president listens politely for about 30 seconds and then just looks at the governor, looks at me, looks back at the governor and then says, ‘Isn’t Matt Gaetz great on television?’” Gaetz recalled.

Scott closed the notebook.

Other than that anecdote, Gaetz said he doesn’t describe his discussions with the president. Nor does Scott, whose office confirmed the anecdote about the Air Force One flight but said the senator “was proud to work with President Trump to get federal funding to fix the dike at Lake O. Hard to imagine why anyone would criticize that.


Get corn cobbed, the both of you!