Florida people put 'Make America Great Again' Hat on MLK statue

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Some jerks at the University of South Florida in Tampa put a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hat on the campus' Martin Luther King Jr. statue.

The image was captured on the students4trump Instagram page. The school's MLK Plaza was first dedicated in 1982 as a project taken on by the USF Black Student Union and Student Government.


Comments on the image, which as of Monday morning numbered 1,124 (with 2,545 likes) have not been favorable.

  • kscb003: This picture disgusting. Such disrespect.
  • muscle30: This is disgusting. I can't believe this is at usf!!!!
  • mslesa426: UTTERLY DISGUSTING, & MOST DISRESPECTFUL!! But then again, so is TRUMP & those who echo his BLATANT, RACIST opinions!!!

The image is also incongruous with the other postings on the students4trump page, which include the following:


There are in fact at least a couple young African Americans also posing with the hat.

At a speech at Liberty University on Martin Luther King Day this year, Trump referred to the civil rights icon as a "great" man but did not, according to the Huffington Post, provide much by way of specifics about King's legacy.


In an email, USF said:

The university does not have details on how the hat was placed on the bust or how long it may have been in that position, but the hat is not currently there.  Many monuments and commemorative displays on our campus are accessible to the public.  The university asks all community members and visitors to be respectful and leave these areas undisturbed.  USF will continue monitoring to ensure these symbols are only used for their intended purposes.


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