Florida Republican Caught on Video Stealing His Rival's Fliers and Replacing Them With His Own

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In “yes, people really are this ridiculous” news, a Republican candidate for the Florida House of Representatives was recently caught on video taking down his primary opponent’s campaign fliers and replacing them with his own. On Tuesday, the victim, Raymond Blacklidge, filed a report against the perpetrator, Jeremy Bailie, for stealing his fliers from front doors in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

“It’s just a shame that my opponent is doing things that are childish and immature,” Blacklidge told the Tampa Bay Times. “I truly think that Jeremy is an intelligent guy that would make a good politician someday. He needs to mature a little bit before he becomes a state representative.”

Blacklidge’s wife posted a video to Facebook as evidence, with a caption that was both funnier and much less genial:


Bailie owned up to replacing the fliers. “First of all, I want to apologize to my opponent and to everyone else. I called Ray to apologize,” he told the Times. “We were out knocking doors for hours. It’s been a long campaign and I made a mistake. I’m sorry and I apologize to Ray and I promise it won’t happen again.”


He promised he wouldn’t do it again, and that is that. Go home, people.