Florida's 'Hot Cop' Quits the Force in the Middle of Investigation Into Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts

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The Gainesville, FL, police officer who became the internet’s meme du jour as a “hot cop” swooping in to help residents in the wake of Hurricane Irma, is officially a cop no more.

Michael Hamill, who had been an officer with the Gainesville Police Department since October, 2016, officially turned in his badge on December 6, the Gainesville Sun Times reported on Thursday. His resignation comes during an internal affairs investigation into a number of anti-Semitic Facebook messages Hamill posted as well as allegations that he’d had sex while on duty.

As the Sun Times noted, Hamill resigned before his scheduled interview with internal affairs. A GPD spokesman seemed confident his resignation was an effort to preempt the investigation’s findings, telling the paper: “Both allegations would have been sustained with a possible recommendation of up to termination.”


During the course of the investigation, Hamill was suspended with pay, according to the department.

GPD’s spokesman confirmed to the newspaper that in the wake of Hamill’s offending posts, all new recruits will tour the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg before they are sworn in as officers.