Flowchart: Should you do Broga, yoga for bros?

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Are you a bro who likes stretching but fears accidentally farting in front of a beautiful lady? Have you considered Broga? Yep, it's yoga—for bros. Because even though plenty of men practice yoga, sometimes a guy just needs a safe space to get his crane pose on.

Broga has been around for a while—the man behind the trademarked concept, Martha's Vineyard yoga instructor Robert Sidoti, taught his first class in 2009, according to Reuters. But the dude-focused activity appears to gradually be gaining devotees, Reuters reports, thanks to some 200 trained instructors in 22 states, online classes, and encouragement from bros who've tried it.


What is the point of Broga, you ask? To inspire men who "crave the benefits of yoga, but recoil at sharing the experience with a room full of women," as Reuters puts it. Yes, it's yoga in the vein of brogurt, murses, and manscaping—a bro-sanctioned twist on an activity that some perceive as feminine. A twist that allows men to bend and pose free from the ever-penetrating female gaze—and free from spiritual teachings.

Don’t get me wrong. Even as a woman, I understand of the turn-offs of yoga—the outfits, the occasional pretense, the presence of others while in a vulnerable physical situation.


But yoga classes are also supposed to be a judgment-free zone. And they've worked for plenty of guys who just want to stretch some shit out. So listen, men—feeling less-than-confident physically doesn’t mean you need to inject testosterone into your workout. Come and join the rest of us in our downward facing dogs. Come at us, bro!