Forget #AfterSex Instagram Selfies: Try #AfterPoop

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The web has been abuzz with #aftersex selfies lately. This is where post-coital couples share their insta-moments with the world, sweaty hair, smug faces and all.


But who cares about just capturing the good times? Some people are taking a different take on those intimate times, instead celebrating #afterpoop moments, complete with bathroom selfies.

Not to worry, all below images are suitable for work.

But… Why?

Well, a good bowel movement can be a wonderful thing, right? Perhaps regularity (plus a high fiber diet) is worth a pretty picture or two. Maybe.

Here’s how different Instagrammers are sharing their “movements.”

For some, there is the ironic, winking poop selfie, complete with hipster glasses and what looks like a toilet bowel in the foreground. Captioned, "And you thought the #aftersex photos were annoying… #afterpoop."

Then we have the sexy #afterpoop selfie complete with toilet bowl and sunglasses. Want to get up in his sh*t now?


Some poopers seek peer approval with a cheeky thumbs up.


For this Instagrammer, any moment, including bathroom time, is a chance to show off his abs.


It’s not just about the boys, as girls can have sexy #afterpoop faces too.


But hey, boys also know how to bring the pout and poop.


If you feel a movement and want to share, hashtag #afterpoop and #thisisfusion. Or not. Sometimes it’s okay to have private time.

Image credit: Flickr/TheLotusCaroll