Forget Crossfit, Your New Favorite Workout is Hula-Hooping With This Old Man on YouTube

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If you’re wondering, “What the hell is this?” It’s called HoopRock, and YouTuber QFE Guy owns the crap out of it.

HoopRock is a spin off of JumpRock — a name given to jumping rope while listening to rock music, I think — and it involves a hula hoop and lots of classic rock hits. YouTube user QFE Guy, or 67-year-old Rich, embarked on this exercise video diary as a way to get in shape and avoid growing old.

He posts about 19 videos a day, ranging from three to five minutes each, totaling over an hour of hula hooping every afternoon. I can’t hula for more than five seconds (that being the time it takes for the hoop to just swish around me and fall to the ground).


In each video you’ll find an essay copy and pasted on how HoopRock has changed QFE Guy’s life:

“Old age is coming for everyone, except those who are unlucky and die young; or maybe not so lucky to make it to old age, depending on how it works out. JumpRock and HoopRock help maximize the odds old age will be worth living. Other exercises can do the same, so what's the difference. The difference is that they're fun.”

The difference, you guys, is that it’s fun.

How QFE Guy hasn’t received more than three views per video is a shocker, right up there with how he’s able to HoopRock backwards and with two hoops at the same time.


But besides being the most underrated #inspo YouTuber since 2008, his playlist is on point. It’s classic rock hit after classic rock hit after Savage Garden “Truly, Madly, Deeply." He doesn’t change up the genre much, but when he does, you’re in for a real treat.

You might be asking yourself, "How has nobody discovered/sponsored QFE Guy yet?" Well, his most successful video was six years ago when he was only jump rocking, and since he began hoop rocking his viewership has really taken a plunge. I know. I don't get it either.


So it’s time to revisit QFE Guy and give him the views he deserves. Maybe he’s onto something with this hula workout, or maybe he would make a great wedding DJ for a wedding, or maybe he’s just insanely entertaining.

Either way, here are our top 5 fave pics of QFE Guy rocking that hoop:

Some Depeche Mode:


This one makes you want to light up and hoop along with him in hopes of feeling the same high he’s feeling (or looks like he’s feeling):


But srsly, why does he have so many damn hula hoops?


He finally introduced a tidbit of electronic music into his routine with a Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams” remix.


And here's the real wild card. Savage Garden. “Truly, Madly, Deeply”.


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