Former Bush administration official cuts Spanish-language ad for Clinton

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Hillary Clinton just released a new set of Spanish-language ads set to air in swing states, one of which features a former member of the Bush administration making the case for a Clinton presidency.

In a 30-second spot set to air in the Miami media market, Carlos Gutierrez, a Cuban-born Republican who served as the nation's Commerce Secretary under George W. Bush, attacks Donald Trump as dangerous while touting Hillary Clinton's experience.


Gutierrez is one of many former Bush administration officials to have come out in support of Hillary Clinton over the past few months. In the ad, Gutierrez highlights his work in the Bush administration before going on to make the case for Clinton.

In addition to the ad featuring Gutierrez, the Clinton campaign released another Spanish-language ad on Wednesday, this one set to air in both Florida and Nevada. The second ad, titled "Verdadera Fuerza," features a soundbite of Donald Trump's announcement speech in which he calls undocumented Mexican immigrants "rapists."

Both ads end with an FEC-mandated vocal stamp of approval from the candidate. However in the second ad, Clinton identifies herself in Spanish by saying "Soy Hillary Clinton," before ending with, "I approve this message" in English.