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Stacey Dash, who’s probably best known to you either as the co-star of Clueless or a self-loathing former Fox News pundit, filed paperwork on Monday to officially run for a congressional seat in California.


The Hill reported on Monday that Federal Election Commission documents were filed with the slogan “Dash to DC”—the possibilities are endless!—for a run in California’s 44th district, an area that contains Compton, San Pedro, and North Long Beach and is currently represented by Democrat Nanette Barragán. Dash is fighting an uphill battle, as the district is overwhelmingly Democratic.

Dash, who appeared most frequently on Fox News’ late afternoon gabfest Outnumbered, made herself known for suggesting that the existence of the BET network is racist, that Black History Month promotes segregation, and for a bizarre cameo at the 2016 Oscars. She was finally suspended by the network for saying President Obama “could give a shit”—a delightful malapropism—about the threat of terrorism in December 2015. Her contract wasn’t renewed early last year.

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