Former ICE Chief Tells Fox News That Dems Should Watch More Fox News

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Former Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director and dedicated monster Thomas Homan seems to have a lot of time on his hands since exiting the Trump administration this past spring. Mostly, it seems, he spends his days making obsequious appearances on Fox News, where he reminds the viewing public what a garbage person he really is.

On Tuesday, though, Homan reached one of his meaty paws across the political divide and offered some unsolicited advice to Democrats who foolishly rely on “experts” and “data” to make decisions about immigration and the president’s proposed border wall: Hey you dummies, watch more Fox!


“I think [Democratic lawmakers] need to watch Fox & Friends for a week,” Homan blubbered on— wouldn’t you know it—Fox and Friends. “Because you guys have talked to experts. You talk to border patrol agents on the front line. You talked to [the] border patrol union. You talk to chief patrol agents. You talked to retired chief patrol agents that were removed from the Trump administration.”

Homan continued:

I’m on the show! I mean, guys who’ve actually done the job, men and women who’ve actually done the job and stood on the line have been on your show a lot. Maybe they ought to watch the show and they’ll learn a lot. But I guarantee you, they’re not gonna talk to experts that don’t agree with their political agenda.


Ahh yes, who better to listen to for unbiased advice than a former political appointee who is literally trying to drum up viewership for his new gig. Tremendous plan.

If you absolutely must, you can watch Homan make his selfless, definitely apolitical suggestion here.