Former KKK leader David Duke gave Donald Trump's terrifying immigration speech an A+

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Just hours after jetting off to Mexico to schmooze with President Enrique Peña Nieto (where border walls and the cost thereof were absolutely not discussed at all, except, maybe they explicitly were) Donald Trump returned to the United States to deliver one of the most authoritarian, anti-immigration speeches of his political career. He also debuted a new hat.


While many observers were rightfully horrified by the speech, it did earn Trump some enthusiastic support from none other than former KKK leader and avowed white supremacist David Duke.


Duke, who is himself running for Louisiana's Senate seat, has long attempted to ride Trump's nativist coattails, going to far as to unleash a series of robocalls to Louisiana voters urging them to vote for both him and the GOP nominee. While the Trump campaign did denounce the calls, Duke's campaign coordinator attributed the disavowal to the the political–and not ideological—calculus of Trump's advisors.

With friends like these, right?

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