Former Trump Campaign Aide Uses Racist Slur Against Black Guest on Fox & Friends

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Democratic strategist Joel Payne, who is black, often braves the televised cesspool that is Fox News as a guest contributor. On Sunday, Payne appeared on Fox & Friends to debate the subject of racism in the Trump administration with the president’s former deputy campaign manager and current Fox News contributor David Bossie. And wouldn’t you know it, Bossie proved in real time that not only is the Trump administration racist, but also so is David Bossie.

Payne had accurately stated that “you don’t have to be a golden retriever to hear all the dog whistles coming out of the White House these days and from my friend David over here.”

Then the two began discussing former National Security Director Michael Hayden, who has been outspoken on Twitter following the Trump administration’s mass separation of poor, undocumented migrant children from their parents, which Hayden has compared to Nazi concentration camps. Bossie doesn’t like that comparison.


Somehow, Bossie seems to be more offended by Hayden’s tweets than about the mass human rights abuses being committed by the Trump administration against vulnerable children. So Payne clued him in: “Yeah, that liberal Michael Hayden. Yeah, that screaming liberal Michael Hayden.” You know, the former four-star general Michael Hayden.

Then the argument came to a screeching halt when Bossie let out all of his internal rage, telling Payne, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind.”

“Cotton-picking mind?” a stunned Payne interrupted. “Brother, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. I’ve got some relatives who picked cotton. And I’m not going to sit here and allow you to attack me like that on TV. I’m not out of my cotton-picking mind. You better watch your mouth.”

Fox and Friends host Ed Henry tried immediately to end the segment, but Bossie was outraged that his racist slur was called out. “This is ridiculous. This is what’s gone on in America. This is what we’re about. This is outrageous.”


You got that right, Davie boy.




Weekend Editor, Splinter

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