Four-Year-Old Boy Gets Final Wish: A Star Wars Funeral

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A four-year-old boy who lost his fight against an inoperable tumor was laid to rest earlier this week with a Star Wars-themed funeral. Jack Robinson, from a small town in Northern England, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given a five percent chance of survival.

Robinson’s body was carried in a Star Wars coffin, on a white horse-drawn carriage that was guarded by stormtroopers. There was even a floral tribute that read “Jedi” on the side of the carriage. You can see the collection of images from outside the ceremony, including the carriage, the procession, the Jedi flowers and the stormtroopers here.


Inside the church, the program for the service read, “Master Jack Robinson, joined the force 1st April 2014,” and a brass band played Star Wars’ The Binary Sunset, which is often referred to as Luke Skywalker’s theme.

While in the hospital, Robsinson was visited by UK X Factor judge Gary Barlow, and was also sent this video message from the 11th Dr. Who, Matt Smith.


Hug your loved ones, guys.

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