Fox & Friends Dummy: 'OH-LAY!'

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Another day, another morning that Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade says something idiotic and racist.

On Tuesday morning, Kilmeade and his co-hosts asked U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli about President Donald Trump’s agreement with Guatemala to allow Honduran and Salvadoran nationals to apply for U.S. asylum there if they pass through the country on their way to the border.


Kilmeade, charming as always, had other thoughts in mind.

“...We’ve been watching Central and South America just empty into our country, and every country in between us, they basically say, ‘Olé!’” Kilmeade cried. “’Keep going, no problem! Keep going!’ And that’s why you’re putting a stop to it with this whole, ‘Stay in the country you cross into.’”


Ohhhhhlaaaaaay, and by the way, all the nationals from South and Central American countries are now in the U.S. and those countries are EMPTY! Definitely true and logical.


This is somehow worse than seeing Democratic candidates tear up their Spanish on the debate stage. Which, likely more to come on that later tonight.