Fox & Friends Has No Idea How to Handle This Trump-Putin Situation

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You know things are bad in Trumpland when even the president’s cheerleaders at Fox News are completely at a loss as to how to react to his bugfuck insane press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.


On Tuesday morning, Fox & Friends had the unenviable task of accurately describing President Trump’s total meltdown on the world stage without actually alienating the president himself. The result was an awkward balancing act that reeked of uncertain desperation.

There was perennial Trump sycophant Steve Doocy, who used the president’s own favorite self-deflecting rhetorical device to offer his tepid criticism of Trump’s decision to all but accept Russia’s denials that it interfered in the 2016 election:

There have been a number of times when the president has said “I think it was Russia, I think it was Russia, I think there was meddling.” So he had the chance yesterday, he did not do it, and that has got a lot of people scratching—a lot of people criticizing him for not being bold.

Among those people reportedly criticizing him for “not being bold” are current White House staffers who have taken to simply blaming the president’s bad brain for this latest mess.

Host Brian Kilmeade was slightly (but only just) more direct than Doocy in his baby-soft rebuke to Trump.

“The president’s under the impression, and I don’t know why still, that if he says the Russians hacked, it makes his election look illegitimate” Kilmeade said, before quickly adding that Trump won everything, as best we know, without any foreign assistance.


“Did the Russians help you with that?” Kilmeade addressed the president directly, in a transparent attempt to curry favor with his number one viewer. “No.”

Besides, Kilmeade claimed, the president can totally take a mulligan on this whole thing, no harm no foul. “It’s correctable,” he said. “It’s still early. He can start by even tweeting something out today.”


Because nothing soothes an anxious nation quite like the corrective balm of a Trump tweet.

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