Fox & Friends Idiots: Know Your Rights Comic for Kids Is 'Un-American'

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Former ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan and the whole Fox & Friends crew were back on their anti-immigrant bullshit Tuesday morning, criticizing a kids’ comic that informs readers about their constitutional rights and how to keep themselves and their family safe if they’re approached by ICE.


“It’s a sad day in America when they create a comic book to show children how to protect your parents from law enforcement, how to help your parents continue to be a fugitive in violation of the law,” said Homan, who has made the transition from jack-booted thug to Fox News contributor rather seamlessly.

“It’s advocacy for total lawlessness!” host Jedediah Bila chimed in.

“It makes [ICE agents’] job a lot harder and a lot more dangerous,” Homan added. “It’s un-American.” (To reiterate: this is a comic informing people of their rights.)

The comic comes from the Sacramento Immigration Coalition, as part of a new campaign to help undocumented families navigate encounters with ICE. From Sacramento station Fox 40:

Monday...the coalition will unveil two publications, one being a “What to do If ICE Comes Knocking” newsletter...The second publication is a graphic comic that is meant to teach children the do’s and don’ts if they ever encounter ICE.

“If a child is able to understand to dial 911, if their mom or someone is at harm, I think this comic book will help as well for them to be able to call the rapid response number that we have for ICE sightings and to really keep their parents safe,” [Mahmoud] Zahriya, who is also the policy and advocacy coordinator for the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said.

[Coalition member Joe] Engles says the goal is to make sure people who live in the country illegally know their rights to save them from being detained or deported by ICE.


Homan and Bila’s outrage toward the comic is obviously baseless. Some of the tips inside the comic include “Don’t lie or give false documentation,” “Don’t run,” and “Stay silent,” according to Mediaite. All sound legal advice that keeps families out of danger, and despite what Homan wants viewers to believe, doesn’t make ICE agents’ jobs any more “dangerous.”


Homan went on to say that he didn’t have any problem with anyone knowing their legal rights (lol), but that the comic was “propaganda” telling people to ignore federal orders. If there’s one bright spot here, it’s that the most damage Homan can do these days is pontificate on the dumbest cable news show in America instead of directly inflicting harm on immigrants himself.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan