Fox & Friends Immediately Forced to Apologize for Kid Rock Calling Out 'That Joy Behar Bitch'

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Newly minted cooking show host Steve Doocy had his hands full this morning after someone made the sage decision to let Kid Rock on his show, live from Nashville, during which things almost immediately went awry.

Doocy was broadcasting Fox & Friends from Kid Rock’s new Nashville restaurant, which is called, I am not kidding, “Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock & Roll Steakhouse.” Kid Rock, for his part, said he was “all hopped up on coffee and Baileys,” which was the real fasten your seatbelts moment.

Here was Kid Rock taking a large swig of whiskey while “guest bartending” at the restaurant he owns shortly after 8 a.m. ET:


Mr. Rock then talked about giving Doocy a toilet, his patriotic garage door, and uh... “that Joy Behar bitch” of The View.

Doocy quickly apologized on Rock’s behalf, which didn’t matter at all, because the chuds filling the Big Ass Honky Tonk cheered and applauded the remark. (Doocy should probably apologize for the jacket he’s wearing too, but whatever.)

“She just has a different point of view than you do,” Doocy said. “Exactly, and maybe she’ll have me on, and we’ll hash it out or whatever,” Rock suggested, which would be fantastic to see because lefty icon Joy Behar would likely demolish him. (She’s had plenty of practice with idiots, seeing as she speaks to Meghan McCain every day).


“I apologize for the language but not for the sentiment,” Rock later said, sticking to his guns. It’s always slightly entertaining to watch the Fox & Friends team when someone says something so absurd or offensive that it registers as “Oh, this is bad,” if only to know where their limits are.

One of the other Fox & Friends co-hosts quipped, “I could see those two on Fox Nation every day,” after Doocy threw the feed back to the studio. And why not, you probably will!


Update, 2:00 p.m.: It’s happening baby! The View ladies are ready to rumble!

“This bitch, and these bitches would be happy to have you on the show and have a beer,” Behar said during The View’s opening today. “I’m a comedian on a show. Why doesn’t he go after the big shots?,” and “You know what’s great? Fox had to apologize for something.”


Anna Navarro delivers a zinger! “If he’s going to call you a bitch, the least he can do is show up with Blue Label. If not, I don’t want anything.”

Sunny Hostin is ready to throw down! “You come for one of us, you came for all of us, Kid Rock.”


Meghan McCain still sucks: “I wish that he would practice as he preaches as we all should practice what we preach coming together because we’re ultimately Americans.”

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