Screenshot: Fox News

Fox & Friends got itself a studio audience on Thursday. Why? Who knows. But the show promptly turned its fans into an in-house focus group thatā€”surprise!ā€”happened to love Donald Trump.

Audience members were visibly excited to serve as the showā€™s yes-men and -women to validate ignorant comments and hate-based opinions, all while snacking on Chick-fil-A.

Hereā€™s a sample, very leading question to the audience from Steve Doocy:

How many people in our audience think, and this is just a question, how many of you think [Rep. Nancy Pelosi] does not want to give [Trump] the political stageā€”you know, all eyes are gonna be on him, and at some point, and you know our president, if he is in front of a joint session of Congress, and sheā€™s sitting right behind him, donā€™t you think at some point heā€™s gonna turn around and say, ā€˜The reason our government is not open right now is because that woman behind me is not going to negotiate!ā€™?


Shocker, that one got a rousing round of applause.

Later, Fox & Friends continued to pester its studio audience to ask the questions that real inquiring American minds need answers to, leading person to ask former Immigration and Customs Enforcement director and current Fox contributor Thomas Homan: ā€œDo the Democrats ever ask you your opinion on what we need on the border?ā€

Perhaps the answer to that is no, because he stopped being the ICE director over six months ago, and is now a Fox News shill?


However, it was really Brian Kilmeadeā€™s segment that took the crown. Instead of playing it safe by asking how they think the presidentā€™s doing, or why they voted for Trump (because letā€™s be honest, they probably all did), Kilmeade asked the audience how to improve their loser presidentā€™s sinking popularity.

ā€œWho here wants to weigh in on how we can start persuading those people that maybe didnā€™t vote for him that this is the right fight?ā€ Kilmeade asked.


People pay big bucks for this kind of input and influence, and the Fox & Friends team is just broadcasting it directly to the president themselves? Youā€™ve got to hand it to them. Just kidding, most definitely do not hand it to them.

Itā€™s a shame that I canā€™t find the actual clip of the audienceā€™s suggestions online (if audience members did indeed volunteer their most MAGA resolutions to the president being easily unlikeable). But at least Fox News viewers got to watch a group of adults vaguely mumble through ā€œGod Bless The USA.ā€