Fox & Friends Is Simply Aghast That Students Walked Out Against Guns Yesterday

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The future Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, and State—that is, the three numbskulls that host Fox & Friends—have unearthed a true conspiracy theory, something that connects yesterday’s anti-gun violence school walkouts to some of the highest members of American politics. Are you ready for this? It turns out that the walkouts...were political.


Nearly a million students participated in the protests yesterday. They included 17-minute walkouts (for the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting), marches, and “die-ins.” From the jump, the protest was meant to draw attention to the insane danger of our current gun laws, and to demand change. This is obvious, but Fox & Friends acted like it was a revelation, and scrounged up some pearls to clutch about it.

“Ultimately, it was a political event because what they were trying to do was try to pressure Washington into more gun controls,” Steve Doocy remarked this morning. You don’t say! Brian Kilmeade went on:

I think it’s great that these kids are active. I think everybody is horrified that, over the last 20 years, it seems like every three months we’re looking at another horrific shooting although Broward County is always going to stand out as one of the worst. However, in the big picture, logic tells you that it should be security that should be part of this conversation, where most of these protests were all about taking aim, pun intended, at the NRA. I wonder where that comes from with a bunch of 14 and 15-year-olds.

They then cut to an interview with noted gun policy experts Diamond and Silk, who lamented that the left is taking advantage of children (in real life, the Democrats should be learning from the inspired, uncynical activism of these students, not the other way around). Diamond and Silk also said the children should have been protesting Bernie Sanders, who spoke at the Washington, DC protest yesterday, because he was surrounded by security who had guns. Hm!

It’s an interesting and old tactic to attach so much fear and controversy to the idea of an event being “political.” That may work on those who think the worst thing to be is “political.” But as the teens have shown, that sort of fear-mongering doesn’t work on the the younger generation. They know you have to be political to win, which is why they’re engaged, savvy, and effective. Of course yesterday’s walkouts were political. That was the point.

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