Morano detailed anecdotes of children becoming more anxious at the idea of climate change ruining their futures—which, same!!!

“She is the Greta Effect,” Morano said. “She’s causing and instilling fear in millions of kids.”

Host Ainsley Earhardt went on to accuse the children who participated in the protest of doing so because of peer pressure, while Morano insisted that a Gen-Z protest to skip school wouldn’t be nearly as effective as a protest that has them giving up social media or their smartphones—because it wouldn’t be Fox News without some Baby Boomer-pandering nonsense about kids and all their apps these days.


“If you really want to protest, do something challenging,” Morano said. “Why would you skip school? That’s an easy thing for any kid to do.” Not as easy as being a grown-ass man smearing a teenager on Fox News, apparently.