Fox & Friends on Bernie 2020: VENEZUELA MUCH??

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Leave it to the hosts of Fox News’s Fox & Friends to have an absolutely normal one the morning that Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders announces his candidacy for president.


After co-host Ainsley Earhardt started things off by fear-mongering about how “more and more people are supporting the socialist agenda,” her co-host went in for the brain-dead kill.

“But what about the timing?” Brian Kilmeade asked. “The timing of a socialist declaring for president one day after the president of the United States condemned socialism in Miami, and we look at Venezuela as a case in point of what could happen to America.”

Of course it took 10 seconds for Fox News to scream Venezuela in response to Sanders’ campaign—a preview of things to come for the next 20-plus months. This has also become something of a talking point for President Trump. After dissing socialism in his State of the Union address, he repeated the same “America will never be a socialist country” line over the weekend in Miami.

On Fox, Kilmeade went on to say about Venezuela, “They have gone into the toilet as a country, they can’t even stock their shelves with food that would be too expensive to buy anyway because of inflation.”

America? In the toilet?? Not on Fox’s watch!

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan