Fox & Friends Wants to Know Why the Libs Didn't Clap for Trump

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Hell hath no fury like the Fox & Friends crew and their wrathful band of guests the day after President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. Between cheers for Trump’s messages of “choosing greatness” and all the other exciting things the president vaguely addressed, Fox & Friends hosts Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade tsk-tsk’ed at Democrats who didn’t feign joy at Trump’s grandstanding.


“It was hard not to applaud on maybe two-thirds of that speech, if you are an American,” Kilmeade said, followed by Doocy commenting on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s appearing to have had a “tough time” clapping for Trump herself.

Just look at how angry Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is. And why won’t New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand just smile for once???

“Did you see Kirsten Gillibrand rolled her eyes when [Trump] was talking about the economy, naming all the statistics? We did look to Bernie when [Trump] was talking about socialism,” Earhardt said. “I looked to Nancy Pelosi, I wanted to see what her expression was going to be when [Trump] said all of these politicians have walls around their houses, yet they don’t want to build the wall?”

“Oh, she didn’t like that at all,” Kilmeade responded.

But for all that clapping the Democrats weren’t doing, Doocy sure was excited to jump on the false narrative of Democratic women clapping for Trump. In reality, they were clapping for their own successes.


“Well the ladies of the freshman class of the Democratic party seemed to like him a lot. They gave him a standing ovation when he was talking about how many women were in the workforce and how many of them were elected in this past election,” Doocy said.

“...They were all pumped up because when the president was talking about jobs, and women, they got jobs because they won a lot of elections, too,” Kilmeade commented.


Real riveting commentary, folks!

And it wouldn’t be a proper Trump train celebration without a word, or 15 minutes worth of words, from his bumbling son Donald Trump Jr., complete with beard:


Speaking to the Fox News hosts, Donj said he was proud of his father (as a son and as an American!) for performing the bare minimum in presidential behavior, and bashed Democrats for not standing for Father. “Clearly, he’d have a great political future should he ever run,” Kilmeade said after Trump’s segment, the most frightening thing said on Fox News in at least the past hour.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan