Fox News Descends Into Hysteria Over California's New Weed and Immigration Laws

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Fox & Friends, Donald Trump’s favorite show, barreled into 2018 on Tuesday  doing what it does best: Stoking anti-immigrant fears and freaking out about legal weed.

In a segment featuring both a graphic of a man climbing over a barbed wire fence and one of a disembodied hand holding a fat joint (illegals! drugs!) lead stooge Brian Kilmeade lamented California’s recent move to declare itself a “sanctuary state” in response to Trump’s ongoing anti-immigrant efforts.


“They say ‘oh, the immigrants here among our population—you don’t have to fear deportation.’ They are not immigrants — immigrants are allowed to be here, illegal immigrants aren’t,” Kilmeade said. “They snuck in, that’s a little dissemination. So now if you are in a public school, public library, health care facility — they are safe zones from Donald Trump. They say it’s you against Donald Trump.”


But the Fox freakout wasn’t over yet. It was co-host Ainsley Earhardt’s turn to clutch pearls over California having legalized recreational marijuana—a measure that residents approved by a 13-point margin in 2016.


“Aso if you want to get high, you are welcome there, too,” Earhardt added. “So you can be illegal and wasted on marijuana and live in that state and be just fine.”

LOL OK then.