Fox News Employees Suddenly and Anonymously Realize That Maybe Sean Hannity Is...Bad?

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know that Sean Hannity is a ghoulish carbuncle on America’s cottage-cheese ass of a conservative cable network. He is a bad person and a liar who gets paid millions of dollars to say bad things and lie—seemingly without any sort of negative consequence.

In fact, thanks to all the bad things he’s said, Hannity had the privilege of appearing onstage alongside the president of the United States at a rally last night (and then immediately lied about it)—much to the chagrin of his Fox News colleagues, who courageously offered CNN a series of anonymous quotes to show how gosh darned disturbed they are by the whole thing.

“The whole thing is just so embarrassing that this guy basically has free rein to do whatever he wants, and management is either helpless or uninterested in doing anything about it,” one unnamed Fox employee told CNN.

“People throughout the company think a new line was crossed,” a different, also anonymous, Fox staffer said.


“It disturbs me to my core,” a third Fox employee said. “I am so fucking mad,” the employee added, without giving their name.

“We were all told that Hannity was going to interview the president, but no one that I spoke with expected what happened last night,” another unidentified senior Fox News employee said. “I’m aghast as are a number of other people.”


Keep in mind, of course, that Hannity has been both feeding and regurgitating Donald Trump’s xenophobic bigotry and conspiracy-mongering for years. But, yeah, it’s this “surprise” rally appearance (conveniently announced days earlier on the president’s website) that’s suddenly shocked his colleagues into (anonymously) whining about how bad he is?

Look, it sucks having that one shitty co-worker who makes your job harder. But for Fox News staffers, that “job” is (and has been for years) running propaganda for the president and the Republican Party. And until a Fox employee actually goes on the record by name to call Hannity out for being a vacuous talking thumb, let’s just assume he’s not actually in any real danger of losing his platform—or money—for the time being.