Fox News Forced to Interrupt Coverage of Liberal Protesters to Report on Bombs Sent to Dems

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America is a nation in crisis. A land where the basic rules of civility (drink) and respectful discourse (drink more) have broken down to the point where Republican gremlins responsible for caging children, screwing the poor, and advancing white supremacy can’t even get an overpriced meal in public without being reminded that they’re morally bankrupt comic book villains. What is this world coming to?

Thankfully there’s Fox News, a convincing facsimile of an actual journalistic enterprise, which spent Wednesday morning opining on this truly shocking rejection of our political norms (drink until you are dead) before awkwardly mentioning that, oh yeah, also, at least three explosive devices—reportedly related—have been sent to prominent Democrats and media outlets over the past 48 hours.

The Absurdity of Fox's Fear-Mongering

You heard that right. According to Fox, these two stories—nonviolent restaurant protests and mailed explosives—are “along the same vein.”


I don’t know if there’s anything like the Darwin Awards for TV broadcasters. If there is, though, give it to the guy who can, with a straight face, link a story about yelling at Mitch McConnell in a restaurant to a report about actual explosives being delivered to two former presidents, a prominent Democratic donor, and a major news network. Truly impressive.