Fox News Guest Gets Reaaaaaaaaal Racist

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Whenever conservative Canadian pundit and Looney Toons crooner Mark Steyn visits the Fox News studios, things tend to get pretty racist.

On Thursday night, Steyn appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, where he insisted that black people should just chill out about slavery because it was, like, ages ago, man!

Responding to the fact that Democratic presidential candidates Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have in recent days both come out in favor of some form of reparations for black people, Steyn offered the following expertly racist analysis:

When Kamala Harris says people are not starting from the same point, uh, slavery was abolished a century and a half ago. Nobody alive today has a grandparent who was a slave. And in that sense I think you reach a point where, you know, you need to move on.

For what it’s worth, here’s Steyn waxing philosophical about the Confederacy in 2015.

The idea that Republicans can have the Confederate flag hung around their necks is ridiculous, it’s a Democrat flag. The states that seceded during the Civil War were all Democrat states. That’s their flag.


The Democratic Party has never come to terms with the evil of its past.

Civil War grievances for me (a white Canadian dude), but not for thee (descendants of actual slaves), apparently.


Later in the same interview, Steyn turned his attention to immigration, dropping this rancid piece of garbage “intellectualism”, while Carlson sat stone-faced.

White supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.


Just another robust debate on the serious issues of our time over at Fox News.