Fox News Host Simply Outraged That Anyone Would Dare Call Trump Racist

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Nothing but respect for my president—even when he says racist things! Never stop respecting him! Because calling the president racist is far more disrespectful than the racist things he’s said!


Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade admonished House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning after she called President Donald Trump’s tweets about “the Squad” racist—apparently in violation of House rules—before a vote on a resolution to condemn the remarks. Amid yesterday’s late afternoon floor chaos, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins immediately asked that Pelosi’s words be struck from the record, because for Republicans, being called racist is somehow the greatest offense of all.

So on Wednesday, Kilmeade took issue with Pelosi using the word “racist” to describe Trump telling congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from.

“Congressman Collins is going by the manual of parliamentary practice, that Thomas Jefferson put into play, which is you’re not supposed to use language that is personally offensive to the president,” Kilmeade said. “I believe that calling the president is a racist is personally offensive but that’s just my judgement.”

Kilmeade switched into a gleeful tone at the end of his comment, saying that according to precedent, Collins is “100 percent right.” Helllloooo!!! The rules, people!!