Fox News host thinks transgender bathrooms are a joke. They’re not.

Photo Illustration by Elena Scotti/Fusion

Fox News host Tucker Carlson apparently believes transgender bathrooms are a laughing matter.

“I’m kind of for comedy that goes as far as it can,” Carlson said on Fox & Friends Sunday night. “But I always feel like with shows like [Saturday Night Live] and comedy in general, it does stop short of the sacred cows on the left.”


“I would love to see an 'SNL' sketch like making fun of transgender bathrooms, for example,” he added.

The bowtie-wearing conservative commentator is no stranger to making perceived anti-gay comments. He once proudly claimed to have physically defended himself against a man who “bothered” him a mall restroom.

But his latest jabs come at a tense time for trans people, who risk harassment and even persecution at public restrooms.

Last month Texas state Rep. Debbie Riddle filed legislation that would make it a misdemeanor for a trans person to use a restroom that doesn’t correspond to the sex “established at the individual's birth.” The bill would also make it a state jail felony if a building facilities manager “repeatedly” allows trans people to use a restroom that doesn’t correspond to their gender assigned at birth. If the bill becomes a law it could go into effect as early as September 2015.

Riddle's H.B. No. 1748 relating to the use of public locker rooms, shower facilities, and toilet facilities. (Texas State Legislator files/Jorge Rivas)

The same thing is happening in Florida. Under a proposed bill in that state, even people that have undergone full sex change operations would be forced to use facilities that correspond with their gender identities at birth—or face criminal charges.


Kentucky also introduced a similar bill but that died in committee last month, barely. The bill would have also awarded $2,500 to students who caught and reported trans people using restrooms that didn’t correspond to the gender they were assigned at birth.

The Kentucky bill was killed by just one vote.

These bills are no laughing laughing matter. They could create unsafe conditions and put transgender people at risk for harassment and violence.


If a transgender woman in Texas, Florida, or Kentucky is banned from entering a women’s restroom, she’ll be forced to enter a men’s restroom. That’s supposed to be better?

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