Fox News Host's Response to Massacre of Palestinian Protesters Is Literally 'Meh!'

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Last week, the international community condemned Israel over its massacre of over 60 Palestinian protesters—including children—at the border fence between Gaza and Israel.


We all should know that killing protesters, especially children, is a truly deplorable act. While America’s response has essentially put the blame on the protesters (with unnervingly little resistance from Democrats!), Fox & Friends host Pete Hesgeth had one particularly foul word to say about the situation: “Meh.” Literally, he said “meh.”

In a segment on Sunday about a New York City school that held a moment of silence for the Palestinian protesters, co-host Ed Henry attempted to point out that even though Hamas has claimed that its members were the majority of the victims—a claim that should be taken with a large grain of salt—some of the protesters were in fact innocent people. (Take for example, the children.) But Hegseth wasn’t having it. Via Mediate:

“We should separate out,” Henry said. “There could be some innocent Palestinians, including children, who were killed.”

“Because Hamas told them to go to the front of the line and get shot!” Hegseth said.

This sentiment of Palestinians going to “get [themselves] shot” has dominated the White House’s response to the massacre, even though in order for someone to “get shot,” someone else has to have pulled the trigger. Let’s put this another way: It would be like saying that marching band member simply “got hit” with an axe on national television, rather than saying “Pete Hegseth threw an axe and hit a marching band member on national television.”

“Okay, but there are some innocent people who died,” Henry reiterated.

“Meh,” Hegseth replied with a shrug.

Abby Huntsman, the weekend version of Ainsley Earhardt, then jumped in to say, “But a human being is a human being,” which is probably the most compassion toward brown people ever uttered on Fox News.

“But if the terrorist sends the kid out front, the terrorist is to blame. The innocent blood is on the hands of the terrorist who put the kid out to charge a fence with no prospect of crossing that border,” Hegseth said before all the hosts agreed that they’d never say a school should hold a moment of silence for terrorists.

“We use vague words like ‘Palestinians’ and ‘innocence’ and it’s like, no, Hamas wants to wipe Israel off the map,” Hegseth said. Uh, “Palestinian” and “innocence” are very specific and clear words? Just as a reminder, this man was seriously considered by Trump for Secretary of Veterans Affairs!

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