Today, Fox News host and bologna sandwich Sean Hannity has found himself in the middle of the scandal surrounding Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. At a court hearing earlier this afternoon, Hannity was revealed as one of three clients whom Cohen’s own lawyer said Cohen did legal work for in 2017 and 2018 (the other two were Trump and GOP bigwig Elliott Broidy).

It’s insane and remarkable, especially in light of the fact that Hannity has dedicated a lot of airtime to criticizing the FBI raid on Cohen without disclosing Cohen’s professional involvement with him, which is as unethical as it is unsurprising. But while the majority of the media is reporting on Hannity, Hannity’s own employer Fox decided that the best approach was—literally!—to “move on.”

“One of Cohen’s attorneys was asked by the judge to specifically name the other name because they said it wouldn’t fall under attorney-client privilege to withhold that name, and he stood up and named him as Sean Hannity,” Fox News reporter Laura Ingle told host Shepard Smith. “So moving on to the rest of what is happening today…”

Nothing to see here folks! Smith later came back and gave this small update.