Fox News Is Super Excited That Trump Is Letting Cops Use Military Weapons on Protesters

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While the prospect of an increasingly militarized police force patrolling the streets of America’s cities sounds bad, the hosts at Fox News would like you to know that giving cops things like army-issue grenade launchers is actually extremely good.


On Monday morning’s Fox & Friends, host Jillian Mele insisted that—in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, VA, where cops allegedly stood idly by while neo-Nazis and KKK members harassed, beat, and shot at peacefully assembled counter-protesters—the Trump administration’s decision to roll back limits on military surplus sales to local law enforcement offers “major backup for our police officers on the front lines of those protests.”

Because if there’s one thing Charlottesville was missing, it’s anti-tank missiles!


While Mele’s effusive praise for the renewed military-to-police pipeline program was part of her larger segment on the Charlottesville violence, her comments were backed by images of the 2015 protests in Baltimore, MD, against the death of Freddy Gray, who died after sustaining fatal injuries in the back of a Baltimore police van. Wonder why that could be?

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