Fox News Is Trying Extremely Hard to Make It Seem Like Last Night Was Great for Trump

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Republicans resoundingly lost control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s midterm elections, and saw several of their conservative icons defeated across the country. They did tighten their grip on the Senate, so it was, at best, a mixed night for the GOP. But Fox News’ dedicated crew of sofa sycophants spent their Wednesday morning desperately trying to spin the elections as a purely Good Thing™ for President Donald Trump.


“The fact that there are now Democrats in control of one piece of Congress gives him something to run against,” guest Tom Bevan extolled, wisely, on Fox & Friends. “I think that’s a benefit to him.”


You see, small brained readers: Losing is actually good, in a way, when you really think about it.

Republicans control the Senate, and the White House (and, essentially, the Supreme Court) but, yeah, it’s the Democrats who are in danger of overreaching here.

Much of Wednesday’s spin centered around what’s become a major trope in Trump’s circles—that while Republicans may have lost the House, those candidates the president himself actually campaigned for did quite well. Take it away Kellyanne Conway!


While it’s true that a number of Trump-backed candidates (particularly Indiana’s Senator-elect Mike Braun, Florida’s incoming governor Ron DeSantis, and Missouri’s Josh Hawley) did in fact do quite well, there were many, many, many candidates whom Trump publicly and emphatically boosted who ended up crashing and burning.


And even though former Indiana Rep. David McIntosh did acknowledge some Republican losses, he placed the blame squarely on those “squishy” candidates who “never came on board President Trump’s agenda” (read: weren’t quite racist enough) for their own defeat.


In any case, it’s nice to know we can still count on Fox News to do its Fox News-iest, after their brief flirtation with reality on Wednesday night.

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