Fox News' Latest Attempt To Smear Ilhan Omar is Pathetically Lame

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Fox News, and particularly its top tier racist Laura Ingraham, is hardly the place to find good faith reporting, but even by the network’s already-abysmal standards, Ingraham’s latest attempt to smear Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is just laughably weak.


During a Thursday evening segment with Faith and Freedom Coalition founder Ralph Reed, Ingraham attempted to paint Omar as having attacked religion—like, all of it—during a recent speech on the House floor.

“Just the fact that we were talking about faith upsets a certain congresswoman,” Ingraham said, before cueing up a heavily edited clip of Omar’s remarks. However, as podcaster Jordan Uhl noted on Twitter, Omar’s speech was (unsurprisingly) totally different.


Rather than an attack on religion itself, Omar had simply pointed out the many instances of GOP hypocrisy when it comes to politicians whose personal actions were completely at odds with the religiously-motivated political agenda they’d attempted to force on the public.

“I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith, and pushing that on other people,” Omar calmly explained, describing anti-choice Rep. Tim Murphy’s ignominious resignation, after he’d been caught pushing his mistress to have an abortion, while simultaneously backing anti-abortion legislation.

“We know those so called religious politicians–when it comes to their life, their choices—they want to talk about freedom,” Omar continued. “But when it comes to other people’s lives, and other people’s choices, they want to talk about religion.”


Nice try, Laura—better luck next time!

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