Fox News Rushes to Protect Trump From Roy Moore's Defeat

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Not even Fox & Friends could ignore Democrat Doug Jones’ shocking win in Tuesday night’s Alabama special election. But when forced to confront the truth that a Republican bearing the blessings of Donald Trump actually lost a Senate seat in Alabama, co-host Ainsley Earhardt did the next best thing, spinning Jones’ victory as a reaction to, uh... Harvey Weinstein?


With all of these sexual allegations against Roy Moore, a lot of women that were going to the polls, you said yesterday, people were holding their nose as they go to the polls. It’s really hard, as a female, to go to the polls and vote for someone, even though those allegations were so long ago, even though they are just allegations. After Harvey Weinstein, it’s just hard. I think this is a referendum on Harvey Weinstein, not on President Trump.

Earhardt, presumably aware that Trump himself was almost certainly watching at that very moment, conspicuously left out the fact that Trump himself is an admitted sexual predator, whose popularity in Alabama has been on the serious decline since his 2016 election.

Besides, as Earhardt insisted just moments later, Jones’ 20,000+ victory margin is “not that much of a win,” in the first place.

Sure thing, Ainsley!

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