Fox News Spent Last Night Trying to Pretend a Republican Blowout Wasn't Happening

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It’s no secret that Fox News isn’t exactly a bastion of accurate reporting these days. But, as Democrats swept election after election on Tuesday night, Fox’s roster of interchangeable angry white men truly outdid themselves in an effort to report on something—anything!—other than the obvious GOP shellacking taking place.


There was, of course, their go-to monster: Hillary Clinton!

And Trump’s speech before the South Korean parliament:

What’s that? Time to toss another angry white racist into the mix? Well, if we must...


But as the night wore on, shit started to get a little too real, even for Fox News. Time to bring things briefly back down to planet Earth. Hope you like awkward silences and prolonged stretches of dead air...


Now let’s flip to Sean.


But surely by Wednesday morning, the network will be ready to cover the most consequential electoral story of the past 365 days, right?

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