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Fox & Friends has always cheered for President Donald Trump’s authoritarian agenda. So imagine their surprise on Thursday morning upon hearing that the president had begun to cut a deal with Democrats that would potentially save the hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who’d been brought to the United States as children—and, to make matters worse, he’d cut said deal without making it contingent on that “big, beautiful wall” he was so fond of rhetorically humping on the campaign trail.

As you might expect, the show lost its mind.

First up, guest panelist and former congressman Jason “In the House” Chaffetz insisted that Trump didn’t need to actually “build the wall.”


Why not? Because, Chaffetz insisted—echoing the president’s Thursday morning tweets—the wall was “already there.”

“Renovate old and existing fences and walls” isn’t exactly a rousing campaign slogan, but for Doocy, Trump’s about-face on his fundamental policy promise wasn’t so much another example of Trump lying to his base, as it was a lesson in metaphor.

“Congressman, has the wall almost become symbolic?” Doocy asked Chaffetz a few minutes later.

I know the president ran on it. It was a mantra. But at the same time, border crossings have gone down dramatically and you were talking about how the wall exists in certain forms and there’s money to go to it, has to come from Congress, but do you think we’re going to get to the point where maybe they won’t build the wall.


You see, Trump’s wall was never supposed to be a brick and mortar barrier–It’s been a symbol all along! And, if you look deep inside your heart, you’ll see that the real wall has been inside you this whole time.

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