Fox News Wonders if Roseanne Was Canceled By the Deep State (Really)

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This week—one of the dumbest in recent memory—Roseanne Barr lost her immensely profitable ABC sitcom for going on an extremely racist and anti-Semitic rant. Samantha Bee, meanwhile, used a Very Bad Word to describe Ivanka Trump, and was called out by the president of the United States, who essentially demanded she be fired.

These two things are not the same, but that won’t stop Fox & Friends. On Friday morning, the super-geniuses over there offered a bold new theory about why a conservative like Barr was fired (again: it was the super-racism) while a liberal like Bee remains on the air: Maybe it’s the (please read this in a spooky voice) deep state. Ya.

“What is it?” Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt asked during a segment dubbed the “crude comment controversy.” She continued: “Is it the deep state? Anything a conservative does, they want to go after their love life, their money, their children?”


Yes, a shadowy cabal of career intelligence analysts, military officials, NSA spooks, and CIA assassins all took their unmarked helicopters to a secret HQ buried deep inside a mountain, and plotted to, um... get a racist’s TV show... canceled. Of course. TGIF, right folks? Watch the full segment, if you must, here.

(h/t Aaron Rupar)