Fran Drescher Is Now the Nanny for the Revolution

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The world is a crazy place. Between pollution, government corruption, and the fact that there’s a children’s version of The Voice with, everything can feel confusing and overwhelming. But what if I told you somewhere out there, the revolutionary hero we’ve been waiting for has risen? And what if I told you that that hero is Fran Drescher, star of television’s iconic The Nanny?

That’s right, another goddess has joined the pantheon of older white female celebrities who have had it up to here, alongside Meryl Streep and Cher and the empty chair Susan Sarandon briefly filled before she was banished back to our earthly plane. Technically, Drescher has been fighting the man for awhile now—if there was one famous lady who could potentially understand the issues of the working class, wouldn’t it be The Nanny? But in an incredible new interview with Vulture, the uterine cancer survivor (who started an organization called Cancer Schmancer, I mean come ON) discussed how her cancer diagnosis and subsequent interaction with the medical industry affected the way she views the world, which in itself is suffering from the cancer of capitalism. An excerpt:

…I was already saying in my speeches that capitalism has run amok. It’s becoming a cannibal, and like any systemic malignancy, it forgets to die. It forgets to stop before it kills its host, thereby destroying itself. That’s what I see happening on the planet with the big-business ruling-class elite. They are so sociopathically obsessed with the money god that they’re losing sight of everything precious in its path. I always say to people, “Listen, if greed is the only language they understand, stop buying.” Stop till it hurts. Stop till your lifestyle changes, because this is unsustainable.


Another excerpt regarding capitalism and trying to make a change:

That’s a system, too. It’s all systems within systems. There are a lot of do-gooders out there. One is worried about sharks going into extinction. Another is worried about global warming. Another is worried about elephants or rhinos or water pollution. The list goes on and on. Everybody has their own special interest, but until you’re able to really see the global systemic problem, you are just chasing your tail. Once you really realize the global systemic problem is actually big-business greed, then you know really what you need to do.

I 100% support Fran Drescher side-eyeing capitalism with her very open third eye, and clearly, her work has just begun. As she put it, “Once you wake up and smell the coffee, it’s hard to go back to sleep.”

Read the full interview here.

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