Frank Ocean hints album will drop in July. But is he the friend who apologizes but is always late anyway?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Frank Ocean hinted on Saturday that his new album might be coming out in July.

On Ocean’s website, he posted Saturday morning an image for his new album “Boys Don’t Cry” with a library due date slip. (Library? Ocean is 28 years old, doesn’t that make him a millennial? If trend stories about millennials are to be believed, how would he know what a library is?)


The slip had a number of dates crossed out, with the first being July 2015 (the original date the album was supposed to drop) and ending with July 2016. The URL for the image is, indicating that he knows he is like your friend who is always late but has charming apologies.

Ocean pushed the rumors further: His brother posted the same image on his Instagram with the hashtag #JULY2016, as noted by The Fader on Saturday.

Boys Don’t Cry has been famously delayed for almost a year. In March, Ocean’s producer Malay told Entertainment Weekly that the album could drop within a month. “I feel like he’s working harder than he’s ever worked in his life,” Malay said.