Courtesy Los Chinchillos del Caribe

Los Chinchillos del Caribe are a cumbia band from my home island of Puerto Rico, a place not exactly known for the genre. "We play what we call 'cumbia boricua,'" says lead singer King Chinchillo, "a fusion of cumbia with rock, salsa , electronic and a touch of urban."

The members of this party band use stage names and don luchador masks when they perform, adding to the playful and mysterious vibe of their music (if you want to know: in addition to King Chinchillo, Sr. Bizarro is on vocals, La Leyenda on guitar, Sr. Kalavera is the hype man, Toxico the DJ, and more chinchillos are known to join the core members during shows.)


Given that they wear masks year-round, it's no surprise that the band really loves Halloween and as such have released a new track "Fantasmas, Brujas y Diablitos" debuting exclusively here on Fusion.

Los Chinchillos del Caribe have also graciously made the track available as a free download, so enjoy!

Nuria Net is a founding editor at Fusion and now Social Storytelling Editor working on our Snapchat Discover channel. Co-founder, former editor-in-chief of Net is her real last name; Lechuga is her DJ name.

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