French 8-year-old questioned by police about sympathizing with terrorism

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A French 8-year-old has been questioned by police about sympathizing with terrorism.


"Ahmed," who lives in the southern city of Nice, was accused by his teacher of saying in class, "I am with the terrorists," following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

The child has admitted that he said "I am with the terrorists and against the caricatures," according to his lawyer, who has been tweeting about the case. When asked what the word "terrorism" means to him by a magistrate, he responded, "I don't know," the lawyer said.

The tweets have been confirmed by David Perrotin of France's Nouvel Observateur magazine, who originally reported the story. Perrotin told Fusion that Ahmed was called to the police office with his father.

French Twitter users have begun mocking the incident, and expressed concern the case may be setting a precedent:


"Eight years old. Accused by his instructor in front of the police for sympathizing with terrorism. France is going to become the punchline of the world."


This is the latest incident of French authorities formally questioning individuals for allegedly expressing support with terrorism or terrorists. In the most prominent example, the French comedian known as Dieudonné was detained after he wrote "I am Charlie Coulibaly," a conflation of the Charlie Hebdo magazine with the name of the terrorist who murdered four individuals in a Paris Kosher grocery store.

There have also been isolated reports of some French students facing punishment for refusing to observe moments of silence for the victims of the attack.


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