French Government ‘Edits’ Claims in Trump Propaganda Video on Paris Climate Accord

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Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron has clearly decided to play the role of Trump antagonist on behalf of U.S. allies. From the infamous death-grip handshake at the recent NATO summit to his criticism of Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement, Macron is trolling Trump hard.

The latest counterpunch comes in the form of a video posted on Twitter Friday by France’s Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Where the Trump administration seeks to delete facts on climate change at any opportunity—or simply make them up—France has set out to correct the record.

The White House had released a short propaganda video in an attempt to support Trump’s decision to ditch the climate alliance, and like everything else this administration does, it was bad:


So France decided to correct the record.

“We’ve seen the @WhiteHouse video about the #ParisAccord,” France’s Foreign Affairs Ministry tweeted on Friday. “We disagree – so we’ve changed it.”


Here’s the French government’s version, with added facts:

Nicely done, France. We’ll see which version is more popular in Pittsburgh.

Weekend Editor, Splinter

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