Frequent Fox News guest predicts Black Lives Matter will team up with ISIS

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David A. Clarke Jr. is an outspoken conservative and a sheriff in Milwaukee, WI, who regularly appears on Fox News as a law enforcement expert.


This week Clarke Jr. is making serious waves with his bold assertion that "Black Lies Matter," the derisive phrase he has been using for the Black Lives Matter movement for several months now, will soon "join forces" with the Islamic State in order to destroy America once and for all.


After some pushback, he doubled-down a half hour later saying, in a sense, he hasn't been wrong about BLM (or ISIS?) yet.

The responses Clarke received on Twitter ranged from dumbfounded…


to sarcastic…

This sounds cool as hell tbh @SheriffClarke

— Stefan BC (@Stefan_BC) October 28, 2015

to concerned (from the actor Jeffrey Wright, no less)…


to angry…


to, uh, a guy saying he would singlehandedly stop both, should they attempt to seize Kentucky…

You get the point.

This inflammatory rhetoric is nothing new from Clarke. In September, he said he would not support any legislation that confiscated guns because he would prefer to not get shot with a gun while collecting guns, adding, "An armed citizen is nothing for me to worry about."


He's also been on a roll on Twitter just over the last day or so, making the "what about black-on-black violence" argument a few times…


and also whatever this is supposed to mean.


It's important to note that this man is not some wingbat with a Geocities page or a sandwich board. This is a law enforcement official in a major U.S. city who frequently appears on the highest-rated cable news network, on their highest-rated shows. He is predicting that a civil rights movement based on equality and oversight is going to align itself with ISIS, a terrorist organization that has killed thousands of people, and has vowed to bring about the end of the United States.

We'd hate to hear what someone with really out-there opinions has to say about Black Lives Matter.


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